Repair & Restore

I have owned Dark Star since 2001 and if you have read the Swallows & Amazons section that describes how I came to buy her you will understand that next to my family she has been the love of my spare time for some seventeen years at time of writing. During that time I have spent ten years sailing the boat and seven years giving her a tender loving refit. The sailing years are explained in the collection of Anecdotes and it remains to explain in this section what has been happening during the last seven years; after all, during the 1980’s I worked in a Naval Dockyard and we managed to refit an aircraft carrier in less time!!

The original intention at the start of the project was to take a twenty year old boat and give her a thorough “going over” and put her back in the water to resume her illustrious career………..oh the best laid plans.

There are a litany of reasons (excuses) but the reality is she has been sitting next to my workshop for almost six years and here is the story of the now, complete, repair and restore of Dark Star.

One pretty March day in 2011 she was sitting at the dock next to the boat lift having had her mast and rigging removed the day before.

All ready for the travel lift


She seems so small in the slings


On to the trailer, note the radar and wind generator


Short journey to her new “temporary” home. Note the absence of the wind generator and radar

It was determined that with the wind generator and radar mast in place she would probably cut off service to a significant number of cable customers on the way to the new location. I had previously decided that I would not be reinstalling either of these elements so a reciprocating saw solved the height issue in very short order.

She was taken to a yard near the warehouse where she was transferred using another travel lift to the new “free” trailer (which could not be used for the move from the boatyard due to distance and trailer legality) and moved about half a mile to the warehouse. We did contemplate driving the travel lift along the street but thought better of it.


Her new temporary home


View forward on move day


View aft on move day

The previous two pictures are included for those stalwart readers who will see this part of the story through to the end, it is a way off I will warn you!